PH opening

This opening presents PH, a creative duo born from the synergy between Pier Le Chapelain and me. The union of our artistic and analytical visions encouraged us to play visually with the codes of mathematics.

Fascinated by the interaction between science and design, we started a dialogue with Pier to understand the nature of this exchange and our attraction to scientific aesthetics.

We captured our exchanges in an animation, each shot representing a new mathematical dimension: 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D, ND... Beyond the third dimension, it becomes almost impossible to visualize space, so we chose to represent it using the figure of the tesseract, a four-dimensional analogue of the cube, and the wormhole, a celestian structure studied in N dimensions and a source of scientific speculations and fantasies.

↳ First animatic


↳ PH logotype

Our logotype and its animation is guided by the movement of simple shapes, a square and a circle, symbolizing our relationship, our ideation and the way we respectively influence each other through ideation.

↳ Early research on tesseract

– Credits

  • Pier Le Chapelain

    Design, animatic, animation, music

  • Hugo Bruvry

    Design, animation, scripting

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Aurikelstraat 24,
1032 AV Amsterdam
+33 (0)7 87 57 48 91

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