Hi, I'm Hugo Bruvry – a media artist convinced that design and programming are intertwined. I intend to explore new ideas and aesthetics while overcoming preconceptions and technical limits.

– Employment

  • Creative developer at Random Studio

    Amsterdam, June 2022 – Present

  • Media artist

    Paris, January 2022 – Present

  • Creative developer • Art direction at Bonjour Lab

    Paris, January 2020 – December 2021

  • Freelance motion designer

    Paris, July 2017 – December 2019

  • Motion designer at Biscuit Studio

    Paris, October 2015 – May 2017

  • Scenographer at Polygraphik

    Lille, May 2015 – August 2015

– References

  • Agencies

    Havas, Babel, Yodog, Dragon Rouge

  • Clients

    LVMH, Ditto, Air France, Engie, CNED, Sobieski…

– Education

  • Level 11.5, 42 school

    Paris, September 2017 – Present

  • Master's degree in design, e-artsup

    Nantes/Paris, October 2012 – July 2017

– Knowledges

  • Languages

    C, C#, GLSL/HLSL, JavaScript, HTML/CSS

  • Frameworks

    Three.js, Anime.js, P5.js, Matter.js

  • Softwares

    Adobe CC Suite, Cinema 4D, Unity, Processing, Figma, Git

  • Interests

    TouchDesigner, VVVV, Houdini, Shaders

Specialized in generative design for 4+ years, my work combines design with science and technology.

Currently working at Random Studio, I design and develop custom programs to communicate and interact with people across media.

My focus lies on nature-inspired and data-driven design. Over the years, I would like to break free from image surproduction by creating meaningful artworks.

I'm also involved in creative developer communities staying true to open source.

tl;dr see my portfolio.

↳ Pretense (three.js)

I'm available to work and collaborate :),
follow me on Vimeo, Instagram or Github.

20 rue du Clos Luce,
92400 Courbevoie
+33 (0)7 87 57 48 91

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